Tuesday morning inspiration: Andy S. Grove

Here’s the video of Ben Horowitz’s tribute to the man who laid the principles for Silicon Valley: http://a16z.com/2015/09/28/the-man-who-built-silicon-valley-a-tribute-to-andy-grove/

Here’s the near-accurate transcript in an article form by Ben H: http://a16z.com/2015/11/13/high-output-management/


  • Amazing how the CEO of Intel had taken the time to teach the world the essential skill of entrepreneurship and leadership: how to manage!
  • Legendary figure: a Jewish immigrant with no English skills learnt his way up to writing one of the best book on semiconductors, in English
  • Identifying complex system problems is one thing. Solving them is something else entirely, and Andy lays out the tools to do just that
  • A manager’s skills and knowledge are only valuable if she uses them to get more leverage from her people. So, Ms. Manager, you know more about our product’s viral loop than anyone in the company? That’s worth exactly nothing unless you can effectively transfer that knowledge to the rest of the organization. That’s what being a manager is about
  • It’s not about how smart you are or how well you know your business; it’s about how that translates to the team’s performance and output
  • Ben H on High Output Management, “Every other management book that I’ve read explains the trivial, but yours gets to the real issues.”
  • Andy uniquely balances the highest standards for clear thinking and performance with an undying belief in the underlying person

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