Strategy Rules: Five Timeless Lessons from Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve JobsJobs: Rules

  1. Look Forward, Reason Back
    • Tie vision to concrete actions… like game theory & chess
  2. Make Big Bets, Without Betting the Company
    • Bold and ambitious, but not reckless
  3. Build Platforms and Ecosystems—Not Just Products
    • No firm is an ‘island,’ especially in technology driven markets
  4. Exploit Leverage and Power—Play Judo and Sumo
    • Master the tactics of both “judo” and “sumo”
  5. Shape the Organization around Your Personal Anchor
    • Personal strengths = comparative advantage, dive deep & compensate for weaknesses
  • Grove:
    • Found “tutors” – internally and externally
    • Learned computer architecture, marketing/branding (Intel Inside), sales and management/strategy
    • Critical to moving from broad semiconductor, to microprocessors, one of the world’s top ten brands, and later servers and networks
  • Gates:
    • Think Weeks – dedicated to learning new things
    • Fast follower: Started with tools, moved to OS, productivity apps, networking, multi-media, internet, and business strategy
  • Jobs:
    • Found tutors to teach him music (Jimmy Iovine), movies (John Lasseter), retail (Ron Johnson), software (Avie Tevanian), etc.
    • “Here’s how it is going to work: I’ll teach you electronics, and you teach me retail…Let’s go walk the mall…” Steve Jobs to Ron Johnson

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