Past Does Not Determine Future (purchases)!

Past Behavior Does Not Determine Future Purchases

  • Behavioral targeting takes four basic types of parameters into account:
    • User Behavior (including past user clicks, searches, page and item views)
    • Social Events (such as past user Likes, Shares, mentions and recommendations on social media)
    • Item Details (including title, category, price, description and more, of the item being promoted)
    • Contextual Information (time of day, weather, device, current location, referral URL or original search query relating to the promotion)
  • Today’s advertisers and website stakeholders are asking some tough questions about inherent weaknesses in behavioral targeting
  • We should be personalizing according to each individual’s mindset, affect and level of suggestibility
  • Mindset – browsers and goal-oriented visitors
  • Suggestibility defined as “the quality of being inclined to accept and act on the suggestions of others”
    • a suggestible visitor will first look at what the site has to offer, as a whole
  • Websites that want to survive need to look beyond past behavior to create personalization mechanisms that impact conversions and grow revenues

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