Future of Information is not articles


  • The ultimate aspiration: Information should accumulate upon itself; documents should have ways of reacting to new reporting or information
  • Every article needs to be encoded to make it searchable and extractable to leverage the info it has
  • Potentially reuasable pieces of info = Particles
  • Creation of ‘Semantic Web’
  • If Particles were treated as their own first-class elements that were encoded, tagged, and embeddable, contextual information would be easy to find
  • Info could be embedded inline to become a dynamic framework for deeper reading and understanding – one that can expand and contract in response to a reader’s interest
  • This would enable deeper synthesis, getting answers to questions that cut across time, getting a sense of aggregate knowledge around a topic
  • E.g., if I wanted to see all of the times Donald Trump has been quoted about immigration – this synthesis would allow for contextual, longitudinal knowledge that is currently difficult to assess and doesn’t make for a very compelling reading experience

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