Engineering vs Product Design

  • The most interesting part of an engineer‘s job is the obsession with the possibilities in the solution space
  • Engineers don’t want to make choices that limit power and flexibly, which essentially is a design!
  • Engineers are drawn to exploring the endless possibilities
  • The ecstasy of possibility is in direct conflict with producing elegant products, because products are fundamentally about making choices and creating clarity around something
  • You are not insulting people by making choices for them, you are cleaning junk out of their lives – a classic example of what a product designer does
  • Product design is about letting things go, making choices and stripping out functionality which, from the user’s perspective, isn’t needed and isn’t interesting
  • Inevitable problem is that products aren’t about technology – they are about making people’s lives easier
  • Technology is just the plumbing, the framework which makes it possible – not what actually people care about!

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