The world of data, privacy and surveillance

  • Today we live in a Blade Runner world, with ad robots posing as people, and Deckard-like figures trying to expose them by digging ever deeper into our browsers, implementing Voight-Kampff machines in Javascript to decide who is human. We’re the ones caught in the middle.
  • It boils down to this: fake websites serving real ads to fake traffic for real money.
  • Smoking analogy: It took a long time to establish that environmental smoke exposure was harmful, and even longer to translate this into law and policy. We had to believe in our capacity to make these changes happen for a long time before we could enjoy the results.
  • Strategies to push back against the culture of total surveillance:
    • Technical solutions: They’re appealing because we can implement them ourselves, without having to convince a vendor, judge, lawmaker, or voter.
      • Ad blocking
      • Consumer countermeasures
    • Legal remedies
    • Laws & regulations
  • Fixes to regulate the internet:
    • Right To Download
    • Right To Delete
    • Limits on Behavioral Data Collection
    • Right to Go Offline
    • Ban on Third-Party Advertising
    • Privacy Promises

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