Women on Wanderlust: India’s women-only travel agencies


  • Different from a mainstream group, where everybody would be going with family / partners
  • WoW is the biggest of a clutch of small, women-owned Indian travel companies catering to a fast-growing niche market: financially empowered Indian women eager to see the world, ideally in the company of other women
  • Others — including Girls on the Go, the Wander Girls, and Wonderful World — have followed. Some, such as Soul Purpose Travel, focus on adventure tourism in India, while others, such as Diva Odysseys, offer “bespoke luxury travel” globally
  • India’s family-oriented society: men and women are discouraged from mixing freely and women’s conduct comes under intense scrutiny
  • Indians are travelling as never before, with 9.6m taking foreign holidays in 2014, compared with 3.5m a decade earlier. That is forecast to hit 13.5m by 2020
  • It’s wonderful going to a different country, and enjoying it with people [with] a similar outlook
  • It’s very inspiring. Everyone is running after their dreams

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