Unicorns that make you say WTF?!

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  • Google Maps, iPhone, WWW, Google Now, Uber, etc. – These things are unicorns not because of their valuation, but because they are the kinds of apps that make us say WTF?!
  • Characteristics of Unicorns:
    • Seems unbelievable at first
    • Changes the way the world works
    • Create value, not just financial value, but real world value for society
  • “Successful innovators don’t ask customers and clients to do something different; they ask them to become someone different” – Michael Schrage
  • Successful innovators ask users to embrace — or at least tolerate — new values, new skills, new behaviors, new vocabulary, new ideas, new expectations, and new aspirations. They transform their customers.
  • Everything is amazing, and all we can do is complain! The AIs are going to take our jobs! No. They are going to transform us and our society.
  • Off in the distance they appear to be unicorns, but up close, they are just very clever computer programs suffused with masses of data and connected to real-time sensors

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