Battle For Global Internet Connectivity

The Corporate Battle For Global Internet Connectivity

  • UN has even declared internet access a basic human right
  • Project Loon:
    • High altitude balloons which are designed to be launched as a fleet and float around 60,000 feet, well above commercial air traffic, for more than one hundred days.
    • Successful trials have been done in Australia, Chile, New Zealand and Brazil.
    • Commercial services are projected to start as early as next year
  • Titan Aerospace: hopes to provide internet using solar powered drones flying in the stratosphere (around the same altitude at Google Loon balloons)
  • OneWeb, backed by Richard Branson, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX both plan to provide broadband internet to the world through low orbiting satellites
  • Ground-based networks are created with physical cables such as those used by Cable network), telephone networks, fiber optic cables, or wireless communication transmitted by towers: costly
  • Air-based strategies include stratosphere flying balloons or drones: relatively short flying times (on the order of months) and air space regulation issues
  • Space-based strategy: high infra cost

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